Russell Nachman

Artist Biography

Russell Nachman (born 1966, Boulder, CO) received his MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute. His work is shown throughout Europe and an the United States, from Copenhagen, New York to Los Angeles. His work has been shown at the Mills College Art Museum and the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum and can be found in such collections as Progressive Insurance Contemporary Art Collection, the West Contemporary Art Collection and Robert Downey Jr.. As well as on the latter’s album cover as well as art for the band Swans, and his own band Cocaine and Abel.

Artist Statement

Is that all there is?

Is that all there is?

If that’s all there is, my friend

than let’s keep dancing

Let’s break out the booze and have a ball

If that’s all… there is

– Peggy Lee


There were a few nights where the passage from dusk to dawn was something like an elemental journey… where situations, emotions and actions could change tenor on a dime… slingshot from joviality to mayhem to fear to calm… these were nights where nothing much happened in the world beyond the playgrounds of music, weed, beer, etc… but among such common elements there was a dare of sorts — all teetered on the edge of an abyss.

These nights ended with the light of dawn creeping over a fatigued face. A face at the tail-end of a spectacular bender. The face of a figure awash in that moment, hangover incipient, witnessing an edge between two realities. A moment which arrives drunk on itself and dizzy with the will to maintain.

This is the promise of an early primitive staring up at the night sky, defiant of the endless canopy stretched high above his brief gesture. His face is bloodied-but-unbowed. A face giddy (and terrified) at the open possibility of an infinite moment. On his face I place a harlequin-death-mask to best show his emotion in it’s raw being, it’s elemental grace. He is alive in the Frozen Moment. A moment that arrives and departs like a single frame of film. It clatters toward the dawn, fumbles dizzily at the edge and rallies stubbornly.

Neither looking back nor forward.

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