First Floor

Plumb Pulp
Elana Herzog

February 16, 2014 - March 30, 2014


Exhibition dates: February 16 – March 30, 2014
Opening reception: Saturday, February 15 from 6-9 pm

Elana Herzog expands her visual lexicon to incorporate new mediums.

The exhibit will be discussed at the upcoming Review Panel at the National Academy Museum.

the Villager

LMAKprojects is pleased to announce Elana Herzog’s exhibit Plumb Pulp. In her second solo show at the gallery, she expands her visual lexicon to incorporate new mediums. Continuing to investigate relationships between surface and structure, excavation and accumulation, she creates forms in which both materials and their cultural referents are layered and embedded. Her unique two-dimensional work, consisting of handmade paper and textiles, is a venture Herzog undertook at Dieu Donne Paper Mill several years ago. In Herzog’s hands vibrantly colored paper pulp interacts effortlessly with found textiles, while retaining the fluid, plastic character of its wet state and. These two materials, whose cultural and technological histories are so closely entwined, are brought together in work that challenges the conventions of both mediums.

Extending the discourse into three dimensions, Herzog uses a combination of layered wood, textiles and stapled surfaces to create freestanding and wall mounted sculptures, which reveal the versatility of her visual language. These pieces play with relationships between sculptural and pictorial space. They invoke landscapes, aerial views, and strata. As ever, Herzog is extremely interested in the evocative power of every day things, repetition and variation, and relationships between positive and negative space.

Here, as in all of Herzog’s work, curiosity and pleasure are driving forces.

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