Artdependence’s Dirk Vanduffel interviews Jeff Grant

Artdependence’s Dirk Vanduffel interviews Jeff Grant

Very pleased with Jeff Grant’s interview conducted by Dirk Vanduffel as it sheds some light on Grant’s thinking about his work and the two projects he has been working on, the solo booth of Art on Paper in Brussels and the onsite installation on the third floor titled “Attic syllabus”.

“The work of Jeff Grant (b. 1975) is forthright in its perplexity. Every piece he creates centers on concealment, the ambiguous presence, forcing the viewer to engage in a search. In a way, some of his works appear distressing. They are not abstract, although shapes and objects seem blurred and disturbed. His chosen palette, black and white or colors dimmed and subtle, only emphasizes the mental haze. Portrait outlines are fuzzy and the objects from Grant’s “Creation” series appear as fantastical artefacts with tortured surfaces, holding turbulent air underneath.”



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