Bowery Boogie covers LMAKgallery’s new endeavor

Bowery Boogie covers LMAKgallery’s new endeavor

Bowery Boogie covers LMAKgallery’s new transition and location on 298 Grand Street;

After seven years of operations on Eldridge Street – and ten years in business overall – LMAKprojects is in for a change of scenery. This anniversary will be celebrated by relocating to more expansive space at 298 Grand Street, which was formerly a Chinese electronics shop. The new gallery will occupy three floors in various capacities – main showroom on the ground, a sculpture garden in the adjoining courtyard, and real estate for LMAKbooks+design and LMAKlabs in the other two levels.

If that’s not enough to chew on, there’s more. The LMAK crew is officially changing its name to “LMAKgallery.” Inauguration is scheduled for sometime in November with a video installation by Claudia Joskowicz.

September 9, 2015

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