Willum Geerts Featured In Trendbeheer

Willum Geerts Featured In Trendbeheer

Check out the wonderful write-up on  Trendbeheer by Sasha Dees on Willum Geerts‘s recent exhibition and performance All I’ve Said Above A Whisper / Only The Way Up in LMAKgallery’s Courtyard.

[Translated from Dutch] “They start playing at the same time. We hear their breath blowing into the instrument, and occasionally the valve. The balloons are blown up throughout the performance and the viewer sees them ever expanding.

It’s an odd occasion but very entertaining, as the performers are very serious and execute their score accordingly. They are all musicians (in real life) with their attitude and gestures and actions. […in all the exhibition is] A perfect metaphor; just like in the years before a crisis, the musicians like the investment bankers just blow up a lot of air.” Sasha Dees – Trendbeheer September 28, 2017 – LMAKgallery’s Courtyard

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