Second Floor


December 3, 2016 - December 24, 2016

Wrapping: a lush landscape of giftwrapping paper created by:
Josh Egnew, Kate Hawkins, Alissa D. Polan, Carlos Rigau, David B. Smith and Allie Yacina.

December 3 – December 31, 2016

Giftwrapping Event for your – last minute gift(s) – on Thursday, December 22 and Friday, December 23 from 4-9 pm.
Your gift(s) will be wrapped in one of the artists’ gift wrapping paper.

The event is free, but you will have to purchase the gift wrapping paper. Gifts can be brought in or purchased in our store. Have a look at our amazing gifts ideas, such as Nate Ethier’s coasters Doo Wop, or Jane Benson’s vase Faux Faux, Balancing Blocks or books like the Last Interview Series and Neversink Library. We are introducing E for Effort Twist Tie Rings.

LMAKbooks&design; 298 Grand Street
b/w Allen and Eldridge Street on the 2nd floor of LMAKgallery

LMAKbooks&design is excited about the upcoming exhibition Wrapping which will transform the gallery into a lush landscape of giftwrapping paper designed by six artists:
Josh Egnew, Kate Hawkins, Alissa D. Polan, Carlos Rigau, David B. Smith and Allie Yacina.

The artists have created a variety of giftwrapping papers: Allie Yacina undertook the impressive job to hand-paint 10 rolls of giftwrap for the show; Josh Egnew exchanged skin for paper and created his iconic tattoo motives; Alissa Polan extended her practice of collage, photography and sculpture in which she examines society’s proclivity to equate nature with consumption, affluence and capitalism to gift wrapping paper; Kate Hawkins created an important series of gift wrapping paper, titled Protect the Pots which alludes to ideas of broken civilizations. David B. Smith creates fabric-based photo-sculpture that explores fantasy, loss, commodity, and connection in American culture and for the exhibition he translated this into giftwrapping paper; with a great sense of humor Carlos Rigau addressed the socio-political structures in our society by reviving a now deceased emoji on his giftwrapping paper.

The show will run from December 3 until the 24th. There is a reception for the artists on Tuesday December 6 from 6-8 pm. On Thursday, December 22 and Friday, December 23 there will be the possibility to have your (last minute) present wrapped onsite in one of the artists’ giftwrapping papers.

During the duration of the exhibition you can purchase rolls or sheets of giftwrapping paper and if time allows your present will be wrapped. We encourage pre-orders, visit our site: to place your order.

For press inquiries, please contact Louky Keijsers Koning at or 212 255 9707.